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Sleep, Spines & Stress

Do you call is sleep regression or progression?

Did you know that if your baby is having trouble sleeping, getting adjusted can help alleviate the problem? Sleeping plays a big role in the health and development of kids. Usually, once a baby is at 4 months their first sleep regression starts, we like to call them sleep “progressions.” Just because they may be having more difficulty sleeping, it doesn’t mean they’re going backward, rather these changes in their sleeping behavior are a sign that the baby is growing out of the newborn phase. Signs your baby may be in a sleeping progression: Increased fussiness Waking up more frequently through the night Taking longer to fall asleep Nap time becoming limited How does chiropractic help with this? Your brain controls every function of the body, and it sends the signals down through the spinal cord, and out through the nerves to all your organ cells and tissues. So, when there is a subluxation (interference to the nervous system) in your body, it doesn’t allow the brain to communicate properly with the rest of your body! Misalignment in the spine can be a huge factor in the nervous system not functioning as properly as it should be. Our nervous system has two parts, the parasympathetic and sympathetic. The sympathetic part can be considered the “fight or flight” side as it oversees the way our bodies respond to stress. On the other hand, the parasympathetic can be called the “brake pedal” because it oversees rest, relaxation, immune function, and digestion. When a child’s body has subluxation or a misaligned spine, the sympathetic part takes over because of the stress that is in their bodies! Ultimately, everything that the parasympathetic side takes care of can be affected, and sleeping is one of the factors. To not have this issue, your child’s nervous system needs to be balanced, to ensure that they are sleeping well. You may be wondering how their bodies can be compromised and how it affects their nervous system. The simplest way is to be aware of the 3 T’s, which are trauma, toxins, and thoughts, also known as physical, chemical, and emotional! Trauma – the birth process, constraints that occurred while in the uterus, car seats, etc. Toxins – bath products, lotion, vaccines, antibiotics, formula, etc. Thoughts – family stress, time spent in hospital / NICU, medical testing, etc. Without a doubt, the chances are that more than one of the things stated above may be occurring in your child’s life. Consequently, it could be the reason that is causing subluxation and a misaligned spine! Chiropractic can help remove any subluxation (interference in the nervous system) that they have in the sympathetic part of their nervous system. Fear not, a pediatric adjustment is nothing like an adult adjustment, it is gentle yet effective. The best way to describe the pressure used is like testing the ripeness of a tomato or avocado. One of the most common side effects of a pediatric adjustment is longer nap time, sleeping through the night when appropriate, and easier time nodding off! A study conducted on children that had sleeping problems proved that receiving chiropractic care allowed them to have a better quality of sleep and wake up less frequently during the night. If this is something you think your child would benefit from, or even yourself, we are more than willing to help. Here at Better Day Chiropractic our focus is to ensure that your brain can communicate properly with the rest of your body, so these issues don’t come up! If you have any further questions or want to bring your child in to get checked up, you can contact us at or schedule a visit at When scheduling, make sure to let us know you were referred by Charlotte Prenatal Collective to receive $15 off your first visit!

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