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Wake Windows & Sleep Cycles, Oh My

What is a sleep regression?

A sleep regression is a time where your baby's sleep patterns change and are disrupted, usually due to different developmental milestones occurring. They can last anywhere from a few days to a

few weeks.

When do these regressions typically occur & why?

4 months - baby is transitioning from newborn sleep to mature, "adult" sleep which adds two more sleep cycles to their sleep time. This is infamously known as the most difficult regression.

8 months - this usually happens between 8-10 months because baby is learning so much. During this age they learn to sit up, crawl, pull to stand and are absorbing language like crazy! Babies typically want to practice these skills all the time, even in their crib.

12 months - the least common and stressful sleep regression (usually). You will likely start seeing your little one protesting their second nap.

18 months - this regression can be attributed to teething (the dreaded molars), their new found independence or separation anxiety.